What is date printing ink ?, learn about date printing solvents

Indate ink or solvent indate, industrial ink is a type of brand used to print production date and expiry date.

Indate ink comes in 2 types: ribbon indate ink and thermal indate ink:

– Ribbon indate ink is used for production date and expiry date printers such as HP241S hand indate machine, HP241B automatic printer, indate machine mounted on vertical packing machine …

– Thermal indate ink is 1.5cm-3cm squid type, used for some types of indate machine such as MY-380 thermal indate machine, indate machine mounted on pillow packing machine or lying bag.

How to use indate ink effectively

In manufacturing industries such as food, pharmaceutical, seafood packaging, steel sheet … any industry needs to use indate ink to print the date of manufacture and the expiry date of the product.

However, each industry has different packaging materials such as plastic, paper, cement, aluminum, glass … In order for the ink to stick to the packaging, it is necessary to use a suitable solvent.