The dangers of wrapping food with newspaper

Although the authorities have warned about the harmful effects of using food-wrapping paper, the use of newspaper wrapped with sticky rice, meat … is still very popular, especially in markets and street vendors.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Cong Khan – Director of the Institute of Nutrition said that using newspaper to pack food is very common behavior, although the authorities have warned about the danger of harm. consumption. First of all, to mention the chemicals in ink, including lead. Currently, the Institute of Nutrition has not had any scientific research to find out about the elimination of lead from newspaper to food. Therefore, it is not possible to give specific figures on the degree of lead-free contamination from newspaper to food.

However, the cessation of lead contamination certainly occurs. This depends on the ink quality and the type of newsprint. The first printed newspapers will stick to more ink, not good ink adhesion, so the level of chemical contamination is higher. This can be seen clearly when hands are blackened by ink after reading the newspaper. When food enters the human body, lead is difficult to be eliminated, it is deposited and can be harmful when it reaches a certain threshold.

That is not to mention the story before being used to pack food, newspapers often “roam” through many stages, from printers, across the street, to the hands of readers and collectors. In the process, there have been a lot of dust, bacteria, and parasites. Newsprint is an absorbent material, a favorable environment for bacteria and parasites to adhere and grow.

According to Ms. Nguyen Khanh Tram – Deputy Director of the Department of Food Hygiene and Safety, on November 28, 2005, the Ministry of Health issued Decision No. 39/2005 / QD-BYT stipulating: Equipment and tools for processing bags. Food packaging, storage and transportation must be made from non-toxic materials, do not cause a strange taste compared to the taste of the original food, not absorb, not cease to contaminate the food, not corrode, avoid dust, insects and other sources of pollution.

It is strictly forbidden to pack food in packages that are likely to cause poisoning, harm, or do not guarantee food quality and safety such as newspapers, recycled plastic … Every year, the Inspector of the Ministry of Health still inspecting and sanctioning individual establishments that violate the regulations on the use of food-polluting packaging in the above regulations and Decree 45/2005 / ND-CP of the Government.

However, for the economic interests, many establishments and individuals still deliberately violate on the part of consumers because they do not see immediate consequences, so many people even know they click their tongue to let it go.

According to Associate Professor-Dr. Nguyen Cong Khan, when consumers and especially the Consumer Protection Association do not speak up strongly, authorities alone cannot completely solve this problem. And the risk of chemical contamination is still suspended.

According to Capital Security