Food storage by vacuum cleaner

In a vacuum environment, food is not oxidized, helping food stay fresh 3-5 times longer than stored in the freezer or refrigerator. The market already has a type of vacuum cleaner out of plastic bags for food preservation.

According to experts, if beef, poultry, cereals are kept in the freezer for 6 months, vacuum-packed foods will keep for 2-3 years. For example, strawberries can only be kept in the refrigerator for 1 to 3 days to keep fresh, but vacuum packaging can keep for a week … In addition, food stored in a vacuum environment also holds heat well, may Keep hot or cold food on a picnic or take it away for a few hours.

Compact vacuum cleaner design like a computer keyboard and simple to use. When purchasing, you will be given 5 sample bags to store food. Put the items you want to pack into the bag, open the lid of the device, put the top of the bag into the machine’s vacuum slot. Take care to touch the top of the bag against the blue label at the bottom of the vacuum groove. Then, cover and latch the lid by pressing the tabs on either side of the packaging equipment. Press and hold the “On” button, the light will light while the machine is securely attached to the top of the bag, wait until there is no more running and the light goes out, then release the “On” button. The pins on both sides will automatically release and remove the food bag.

In addition, the machine comes with a plastic box, a cork and a plastic tube to vacuum up the food or drink in the bottle. Above the lid of the box, there is a small hole to plug the vacuum cord from the machine. Put the food in the box, cover and connect the straw between the machine and the box. Next, you turn on the “On” button to make the machine work like a vacuum plastic bag. The same goes for the way of using the cork, the cork helps you to keep the drink in the bottle for longer.

For the machine to last for durability, you should let the machine cool down for at least 20 seconds before proceeding next time. The plastic bags after use, to be economical, can be reused many times after they have been washed. Plastic bag sold separately.

According to the internet